Tips on how to decorate your home for Christmas

Inexpensive tips on how to decorate your home for Christmas

Christmas! By now the silly season has exploded completely into a mess of crazy drivers, impossible shopping expeditions for last-minute gifts, as well as holiday plans gone awry in amongst the final stretch of insane work deadlines. If this sounds familiar, then I bet you’re also feeling the crunch with holiday expenses; from petrol to presents, food to festivities, and one of the last things on your list would be decorating your home for Christmas.

Even if the family Christmas party isn’t at your house this year, it’s still festive to decorate your home with at least a few pine cones, some Christmas lights and a string of tinsel. It doesn’t have to be an expensive setup with a snow blower outside your front door and plastic reindeer on your roof, or an elaborate nativity scene worthy of auctioning off at Strauss Art or other art auctioneers when you’re done with it. No. Consider these inexpensive ways of decorating your home for Christmas:

1. Reuse, reuse, reuse

Everyone’s got a box of staple Christmas decorations that can be used year after year. Don’t go out and buy a new Christmas tree each year – similarly, wreaths, tinsel, Christmas lights and aforementioned nativity scene can be dressed up again for 2012.12.13

2. A themed approach

If you must buy new stuff (if last year’s things disappeared in, say, a fire, a divorce, or similar tragedy), then the cost-effective way of going about getting new Christmas decorations is to start with a theme. Perhaps you’ll go with African minimalist, then a beaded wire Christmas tree in silver for your dining room centrepiece is almost all you’ll need. Without a theme, you run the danger of going overboard by buying everything you see that you “could” use because it looks nice and novel.

3. Go green, then go home

Pine cones, dry twigs, actual holly leaves, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg-scented potpourri and a citrus air spray require 80% walking around the neighbourhood picking up bits and bobs to decorate your house au natural, and 20% bought from your local supermarket – definitely a money saver. Spray paint the pine cones in silver and gold to give your decorations a traditional feel. This will also help to save them for next year again.

4. Save on decorations

There are cheap versions of Christmas decorations that you can turn into expensive-looking decorations. Instead of buying expensive plastic stuff to hang on your tree, what about glass ornaments, candle light and strategically placed mirrors? Light the candles, turn out the lights, and watch how this décor alternative brings a whole lot of sparkle to your home. You can also use some tinsel to create extra sparkle, but just don’t set it alight.

Have you got other ideas for cost-effective Christmas décor this holiday?